Sayesha has long standing experience and expertise in managing entire customer service portfolio and offers quality solutions for voice, web chat and email response

Voice Customer Services

Sayesha helps organizations do their business with ease. We offer Voice(Inbound/Outbound) call center services to organizations to improve their customer interactions.

Web services

Our live chat support agents are well trained and add value through personalized response by quick resolving queries.

Back office

Back Office productivity is vital to good customer engagement. The level of customer engagement is very directly linked to the level of agent engagement in an "Engagement Cycle" that starts with customer concern.

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Sayesha Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. offers qualitative and low cost outsourcing solutions to American companies. Twenty first century will witness the fall of big sized contact centers across the world. Consumers are developing niche requirements. Contact centers that are more focused on target market will grow business. Smaller the target market, core competencies develop faster.

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Sayesha is all about developing leaders out of generation "Y" youngsters, born in smartphone and tech world. In Asian discourse there's a lot of hierarchy and colonialism. Sayesha stands for a complete flat organizational structure. All the managers on board, started off their journey as a Customer Service Rep. We believe in creating leaders out of frontline. My role in the organization is to provide impetus and direction to the passion and energy that individuals possess. What people become is byproduct of their own free will, lent air to soar high. People need some sublime purpose to BE and it's the responsibility of the leader to refine that purpose. Workers can't ever go wrong; it's the leaders that fail. We ensure that our employees are employable at all times. Staff development initiatives are ingrained in all process activities. Employees are continuously trained and empowered on newer challenging roles and mentored into true leaders delivering SUCCESS and WOW.

Rajiv Dhulia
Sayesha Enterprises Pvt Ltd.